“Always pass on what you have learned”

This week’s quote is a bit different as it has come from Yoda, who despite being a fictional character is an absolute fountain of wisdom! And I don´t see why we shouldn´t be able to take a bit of learning from a fictional little green force wielding Jedi Master if what he is saying is right.

I was also reminded of it in a very contextual way. I say reminded as I have seen all the movies, so I must have come across it then, but never thought more of it. But the other day I was attending a Toastmasters event here in Barcelona, where one of the speakers had to present why it was important for senior members to enroll in their mentor program, to mentor new aspiring toastmasters. I thought the choice of quote, including its origins was perfect for the situation, as it managed to get everybody laughing and engaged with the speech, but also hit its head on the nail.

I noted it down while at the event and have thought a lot about it since. We really should all consider this, at that knowledge or learning is not to be acquired and then kept safe from others, but to be acquired and then shared with others.

I know a lot, myself included, may keep important knowledge or tricks to ourselves, thinking that we have an advantage and we don´t want to give it up. However, this is rarely the right way. We should always strive to learn, and then to teach what we have learned, and there is much reason for this. One is that being generous, be it with wealth of money or wealth of knowledge, always comes back. Another and more important is that how does keeping learning to oneself help advance us as a species, your colleagues and company or community?

Always keep learning, and always pass on what you have learned.

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