The power of having a pull up bar in the middle of your house

The other day I wrote about habit cues and I quickly wanted to add on how these cues can also be used to make you move more.

At the office where I work we already have this system where we all get up every hour and do some squats and push ups (10 at 10, 11 at 11, etc until 18 at 18/6pm), plus a short “surprise” exercise, like a wall sit or similar. This is great as it is not enough to cause real strain on your muscles or to interfere with other training, but it is enough to get the muscles activated and the blood flowing, and not least, a laugh.

However, I found that when home, I didn´t do it consistently as I would in the office, despite seeing the time go on the hour.

So, I employed the concept of habit cues, and now have a kettlebell sitting in the middle of the terrace within view from the kitchen and living room, two pushup handles lying on the floor in the living room and even a pull-up bar hinged in a door frame in the middle of the apartment.

Due to these very visible cues, I know do 10 kettlebell swing sets, 10 pushups and single pull-ups at random all throughout the day, simply by being exposed to the very visible cues. I keep the reps low and with time in between, so it stays easy to do and not enough to get me sweating, meaning I have no set up neither before nor after, allowing me to do it freely depending on when in the day or what I´ve got coming.

Next step is that I want to put a small note and a pen next to each, where I can put each days date and a small tick when a set is done, to either set a goal for daily sets or simply see how many I do each day. This is another strong habit building trick, the tracking and seeing progress, and the ability to “tick tasks off” a list is very motivational.

Anyway, a bit of suggestions for how to use habit cues to promote desired behavior in oneself.

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